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Peek A Baby offers elective ultrasound packages and baby retail items alongside our party packages. Check out our 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD Live packages to go along with handmade nursery blankets and swaddlers, keepsake gifts, and a fun time for everyone. Peek A Baby hosts gender reveal parties and baby showers in our historic farmhouse-themed studio in downtown Harrison, Ohio. Peek at your baby as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy and enjoy the moment with your family and friends. 

Ultrasound Party Packages

We’re excited to be the first in the Cincinnati area to offer ultrasound party packages. Invite 30 of your closest family and friends for a peek and a party with your baby. Create fun memories, lasting impressions, and a warm welcome for your bundle of joy and invitees at Peek A Baby! By appointment only.


We offer four types of elective ultrasounds, depending on how far you are along. Celebrate your baby with high-quality images and videos that you can take home as a memory of the event!

Gender Reveal Parties

Our country farmhouse theme provides the perfect backdrop for your gender reveal party. Order a cake, invite your guests, and peek at your baby for the first time during a 2-½ hour party!

Baby Showers

Your bundle of joy is almost here! Celebrate with a relaxing and fun baby shower that includes HD Live broadcasts, ultrasound photos of your baby, and 2-½ hours in our studio.

Room for 30

Our beautiful storefront property has room for up to 30 people, so celebrate with your friends and family in style. We bring positive energy to your growing family! Enjoy the entertainment district’s shops, restaurants, and taprooms after the party.


Peek at our six packages for ultrasounds only, or decide on a gender reveal party or baby shower. We have 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD Live equipment that creates stunning images!

Retail Gifts and Catering

Peek A Baby puts you in touch with catering from local vendors. We also offer retail gifts from area shops and national companies. See our nursery furniture displays, too!

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