Gender Reveal Parties
and Baby Showers

Have a Party to Welcome Your Precious Little One

We’re excited to be the first in the Cincinnati area to offer ultrasound party packages for expectant mothers, their families, and closest friends. Peek A Baby offers gender reveal parties and baby showers to celebrate your precious bundle of joy.

Our historic farmhouse-themed studio in downtown Harrison, Ohio, serves as the perfect venue for your party. Peek at your baby as early as 16 weeks and enjoy the moment with 30 of your family and friends.

Amazing Service

Each of our gender reveal party or baby shower packages comes with elective ultrasound scans. What better way to share your joy with others than with the first photos of your baby? Peek at the baby’s gender, hear the heartbeat, and get ready for fun!

Gender Reveal Party Package: $550

Celebrate your baby with a 2-½ hour party at 16 to 24 weeks. Receive a 20 to 30 minute scan, gender determination, six photos of your baby, heartbeat listening, he or she decorations, and a surprise reveal for your guests.

Baby Showers: $550

A 2-½ hour party at 28 to 34 weeks gives you a 30-minute scan, gender determination (if desired), six photos of your baby, listening to the heartbeat, and themed baby shower decorations.

Expectant Mothers: Come Early!

We request the expectant mother to come in three days before the booked party so we can determine the gender for the surprise reveal at gender reveal parties. No peeking! You find out the day of the party, too!

Bring Gifts and Games

Our beautiful storefront property has room for up to 30 people. Make sure your guests bring plenty of gifts and games to keep the fun going as you celebrate your baby on the way. Please contact us for twin parties!

Farmhouse Theme

We have a historic farmhouse theme in our storefront shop. Peek A Baby provides the perfect venue for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the moment ahead of your baby’s birth.

FAQs About Our Elective Ultrasounds

Our ultrasound scans are elective, so they are not covered by health insurance. We do not accept health insurance of any kind.

No, this is an elective ultrasound and does not take the place of the ultrasound ordered by your physician. Only a physician can make a diagnosis on an ultrasound scan, not the sonographer.

Yes, proof of seeing a physician along with their contact information is necessary before your elective ultrasound scan.

Yes, and we use the most advanced GE 4D ultrasound equipment on the market.

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